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Oasis - Performance of the opera
Excerpts from the rehearsals
and the world premiere onstage
Karlsruhe (Germany)
(6:13 min.)

Oasis - Interview
Prior to the world premiere, an attractive interview with the composer: first-hand information on the compositional process. Edited and produced by ERB channel (German TV, interviewer Ms. Koblischke)
(10:30 min.)

Oasis - English
Oasis – world premiere of the English version, Bratislava, May 19, 2013


The Israelites are wandering in the desert on their way out of Egypt to the Land of Canaan. They have run out of water. Noa and Elon, the mischievous brother and sister, revive a little bird and notice a green area far away - an indication of life. Secretly they steal away from their tent in order to search for water. Tired and thirsty, they lose consciousness. Two Bedouin children, Ali and Laila, come upon them suddenly, give them water, refresh them and guide them to the oasis. There is great excitement in the oasis with the debka (Arabic) and the hora (Hebrew) blending with one another. When the four children return with jars of water to the tent of the Israelites, Noa and Elon's parents express their wish to adopt Ali and Laila. But Ali and Laila refuse their offer; they prefer to remain in the desert. The Finale is sung in sadness yet with hope - that each should live in peace in his own place and in his own tradition. The little bird returns and hovers over the stage - as a symbol of life and peace.
Story and libretto: Yael Medini

The English version of the children's opera Oasis was premiered on May 19, 2013. This fully-staged production took place at the St. Cecilia Elementary School of Arts, Bratislava. The opera was sung by children, pupils at the school; the choreography, stage and costume design was done by members of the Bratislava Opera House.