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A collection of interviews with artists

A collection of interviews with artists in the field of Hebrew Song
Filmed in Tel Aviv in the artists' homes, March 9, 1995.
(11:05 min.)

DVD's of the full interviews will be available in the future:
With Yaffa Yarkoni - name of the film Yaffa Yarkoni - Exposure! (21:47 min.).
With Sasha Argov - name of the film Tsippi Fleischer with composer Sasha Argov in an interview at the piano (25:22 min.).
With Nehama Hendel - name of the film Nehama Hendel - Returning home! In a conversation with Tsippi Fleischer (29:29 min.).
With Moshe Wilensky (Nehama Hendel participating)
- name of the film: Moshe Wilensky: his music reflects the history of the State of Israel - Tsippi Fleischer interviews. Nehama Hendel joins in  (31:57 min.)
Artists in the field of Hebrew Song - singers Yaffa Yarkoni and Nehama Hendel, composers Sasha Argov and Moshe Wilensky - tell Tsippi Fleischer stories from their past.