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Hebrew-Song events with students

Hebrew-Song events with students at the Lewinsky Institute
Filmed at the Lewinsky Institute, March 9, 1993.
(3:40 min.)

Available on two separate DVD's:
  • The message in full - name of the film: The idea behind the Hebrew-Song Events (18:05 min.).
  • The students' singing with Tsippi Fleischer at the piano - name of the film: Hebrew-Song events in performance with students (10 songs) (18:34 min.):
    Shir HaEmek; Eli, Eli; Hayu leilot; Be'er basadeh; Ve'ulai; Laila bekhof Akhziv; Natu tslalim; Begani; Yesusum; Mezarey Yisrael.
    Dr. Tsippi Fleischer instructing and doing research: she tells of the message conveyed by Hebrew-Song Events; directs students' singing while she accompanies at the piano:
    Shir HaEmek (Ba'a mnukha layage'a) - N. Alterman, D. Sambursky Eli, Eli - Ch. Senesh, D. Zehavi