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Childhood and the Orient - November 19, 2005

Childhood and the Orient
Haifa, Bet Yad Labanim, November 19, 2005.
[The film records and expands on the event "The Orient in Musical Dress"].
(14:13 min.)

available on DVD at a special price)
After stories of childhood in Haifa and the Oriental stream in Haifa's Reali School, of the friend of her youth Uri Maimon* and the educationalist Noa Yeffet, Tsippi Fleischer talks - from the perspective of many years - about her compositional journey from "A Girl Named Limonad" and "Girl Butterfly Girl" to the cantata "Like Two Branches" and the video-art "Daniel in the Den of Lions".

*"Scenes of Israel - Six Madrigals" were composed in memory of Uri Maimon. Seen here is Madrigal No.1:
"No Hand Has Touched You".