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Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel - Israel (world premiere)
Aria of Cain's lamb, Israeli version. October 2002.
Tel Aviv Museum, October 9, 2002.
(1:43 min.)

Cain and Abel - Israel (world premiere)
From rehearsals in Tel Aviv - Trio of the murder (Scene 4): with piano only and with a number of props: the frightening puppet, the enormous fists, the ladders indicating the height of the heavens.
Tel Aviv Museum, October 1, 2002.
(1:28 min.)

Cain and Abel - Israel (behind the scenes)
Behind the scenes - moments before the premiere in Israel.
Jerusalem Theater, Rebecca Crown Auditorium, October 11, 2002.
(1:05 min.)

Cain and Abel - Vienna (European premiere)
The aria of Abel's lamb, Viennese version, April 2005.
(2:11 min.)

In this opera, the lambs/women participate in the narrative together with the brothers. From the second scene - the arias of Cain's lamb (Israel 2002) and Abel's lamb (Vienna 2005). The staging in Israel veered towards the mystic and pictorial whereas in Vienna the psychological, philosophic approach was favored.