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Medea - Kfar Blum
From the production in Kfar Blum, Israel, 1997 - Three excerpts, in a pastoral atmosphere.
[in English]
(5:42 min.)

Medea - Opera House, Cologne (Germany)
From the production in Cologne 2004 - Medea (Dalia Schaechter) onstage, in the coach of a refugee train, sings the cathartic aria.
[in German]
(0:57 min.)

Medea - Christoph Schwandt speaks
The artistic director of the Cologne Opera House, Christoph Schwandt, speaks [in German, with simultaneous translation].
(0:54 min.)


Contents of the film: Medea's cathartic aria - Scene 5 (Isabelle Ganz) > the Corinthians act cruelly towards Medea - Scene 6 > duet of Medea and Jason - Scene 4.

The three excerpts are with the cathartic aria in full (12:40 min.)
This version of the opera "Medea" deals with the Georgian ethnic origin of the heroine who was guided by fate from being a healer in her youth to a murderess. Was she indeed guilty of murder?