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Daniel in the Den of Lions

Daniel in the Den of Lions - the composition
The complete video-art "Daniel in the Den of Lions" (sung in Coptic).
Remark: the work begins without sound.
(19:29 min.)

Daniel in the Den of Lions - a rehearsal
The vocalists undergo an unusual experience while rehearsing verses in the Coptic language with the composer.
(2:13 min.)

Daniel in the Den of Lions - gala performance and interview
During the gala performance to mark the premiere screening, moderator Ram Evron, in the presence of many guests, interviews the composer on the stages involved in the video's preparation. Letters of congratulation from well-wishers throughout the world are read. Remark: At a later date, in 2005, the composer adds anecdotes about the work - see the film "Childhood and the Orient" in the division Events.
(5:38 min.)

Strangely enough, it was in Coptic Cairo that the composer became interested in the story of Daniel in the lions' den; there she learned how strongly Egypt's Coptic minority identifies with the story.

In the work the men's chorus - serving as the central tonal frame (ministers of Darius, King of Persia) - is joined by the baritone of Daniel (Dan Ettinger) and a string quintet. The visual concept merges with the music to create a language of modern art, with scenes of Egypt and studio shots fading into one another. We are made fully aware of the ongoing symbiosis underway in the expanses of the Semitic world.