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Appeal to the Stars

Appeal to the Stars
- in Israel
Ensemble Belcanto-Frankfurt performs the work's premiere in Israel. The vocalists, dressed in white, play recorders and beat with iron bars and with palm tree branches picked in the Jordan Valley.
November 1995.
(13:54 min.)

Appeal to the Stars
- in Germany
Ensemble Belcanto-Frankfurt performs the work in Germany. This time the vocalists are dressed, bat-like, in black, and beat with their fingers on gongs and African drums.
Frankfurt, December 1, 2001.
Appeal to the Stars
- UCLA 2013
A group of student singers from UCLA perform the work as part of a special festival-conference. The performance emphasizes the pagan-ritual element; the singers are dressed in red and white and move constantly.
Los Angeles, December 5, 2013.
(15:02 min.)


The work is in a version either with English or with Hebrew sub-titles
(14:00 min.)
A prayer to the gods (or stars) of night in the very earliest of Semitic languages - Akkadian - accompanied by exotic instruments.
In this pagan atmosphere the diviner-priest's discomfort increases as the night grows ever darker.