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Oratorio 1492-1992

Oratorio 1492-1992
Oratorio 1492-1992 is given its world premiere in Haifa.
Rehearsal with conductor Stanley Sperber, the Rinat Choir and Haifa Symphony Orchestra: excerpts from the first movement and talks with conductor and composer.
(3:51 min.)

Oratorio 1492-1992
The composer in an interview with Dan Shilon about Oratorio 1492-1992.
During the performances of the work's premiere, Dan Shilon interviews Tsippi Fleischer on the process of its composition; the soprano soloist sings in a high range "my soul yearns for Zion" as a symbol of the longing for Zion (from the fifth movement).
"Erev Hadash", Educational Television, 18.2.1992.
(4:53 min.)

The oratorio - in five movements - sees the expulsion from Spain as an opportunity leading to the return to Zion. The traumatic happening is given an heroic dimension in Tsippi Fleischer's conception.