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The appearance of the book Matti Caspi
The Magic and the Enigma   2013

Interview in Erev Hadash (news program, Israeli TV)
An interview with Dr. Tsippi Fleischer on the program Erev Hadash, 30.5.2013
(6:07 min.)
From the book launch event
Excerpts from the book launch . Speakers: Yorik Ben-David (Managing Director of ACUM), Matti Caspi, Tsippi Fleischer . Tel Aviv, 13.7.2013.
(30:26 min.)
from Yair Nizani's program (Israeli TV's Channel 10)
Interview with Matti Caspi, 16.7.2013
(1:04 min.)

The composer and scholar Dr. Tsippi Fleischer chose to write a book about the composer-singer Matti Caspi as a fascinating musical phenomenon. Her book (published in Hebrew) is the culmination of 22 years of research. In the first part (opened on the right, for the Hebrew reader)), the composer focuses on Matti Caspi's life and works, including a broad survey of his musical style. In the second part (opened on the left, like a musical score), she offers a detailed analysis of 40 of his songs.