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Ballad of Expected Death in Cairo

Ballad of Expected Death in Cairo
- with Hassan Kami
The Egyptian tenor Hassan Kami whose voice served as inspiration for this work, performs it in its (restricted) premiere in Paris (December 1989). The singer Sappho was present at the event and the reception.
(6:38 min.)

Ballad of Expected Death in Cairo
- with Isabelle Ganz
Isabelle Ganz, the Jewish-American singer, excels in the performance of the work in Arabic. Here, for example, she appears in the Israel Embassy in Washington (19.5.1992).
(0:55 min)

The work describes the Egyptian poet Sallah Abd El-Sabur's surrealistic thoughts on death: Forewarned am I by this winter that I shall die alone…should the warmth of summer come to awaken me / It will not draw out of the snow its arms bearing roses…
It is always sung in Arabic.