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Tsippi Fleischer
Editors: Dr. Uri Golomb and Paul Landau.
Mini-monograph published by the Israel Music Institute. A comprehensive article about the composer, followed by information on individual works. Tel Aviv. 2009. 68 pages in English and Hebrew.
In an article, "Between East and West, from Ancient to Contemporary", Nathan Mishori and Dr. Uri Golomb summarize Fleischer's compositional development - both from the biographical and the stylistic-musical aspect. Relevant information is arranged under a number of headings; Biography, Prizes and Awards, List of Works, Discography, Selected Premieres, Selected Reviews, Selected Bibliography, Selected Publications.
The full article can be downloaded here.
Tsippi Fleischer: A Biography [in Hebrew]
Editor: Dr. Uri Golomb; Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2018.
The book presents a panoramic view of Fleischer's life and works. It includes six chapters: "Family"; "Egypt and the Arab World"; "Opera and Myth"; "The Soul's Observations"; "Education and Research"; and "A Certified Traveller".
The book speaks in two voices. Tsippi Fleischer's life is presented mainly in her own voice, combining writings from the past – letters, diaries and other sources written close to the actual events – and retrospective autobiographical summaries written especially for this book. In addition, Fleischer's music is presented by the book's editor, the musicologist Dr. Uri Golomb, who worked with the composer for many years and with whom she shared many of her documents and insights. Other voices are presented in the book through extensive quotes and graphic elements, representing many of the people and events in the composer's life, which have also made an impact on her music.